About Our New Logo –
New Barrington Baseball Logo Design
Design by Dave Engle
The Rationale for The New Design

The contrast between the old, worn, beat-up baseball and the Classical Roman
typeface is important. The visual impact of the typeface speaks to a time-honored, respected program that has influenced lives and will continue a high level of excellence for quite some time. Humble yet polished, it suggests a program infused with character and class.

The old ball represents a dedication to success that implies a work ethic that emphasizes sound practice habits in the pursuit of a mastery of the skills and fundamentals necessary to achieve success. The ball suggests a looking back to our youth where sandlot pick-up games were spontaneously organized for nothing more than the pure love of the game. The condition of the ball (not being brand new and unmarked) downplays a self-centered approach in favor of team and program goals. And not in a small way does it suggest that Barrington hitters tear the cover off of the ball.

The old ball also suggests the commitment by the school and community necessary to achieve the tradition of winning records, conference championships, and state playoff appearances that the Barrington Baseball program has come to symbolize in the broader Chicago and Midwest baseball community.

The ball also points toward a strong respect toward the players, coaches, and parents who have come before – the Barrington Baseball Alumni – who continue to display their interest and support for the program. The old ball implies a certain humble quality to the hundreds of former players who have gone on to become respected leaders in their families, in their occupations, and in their communities including those many who have gone on to play in college and professional baseball.

David Engle
January 6, 2013